In the long run we provide for the successful operation of Kecskeméti Konzerv Kft. by adapting the quality of our products to the actual needs of the international and Hungarian market. As our increasingly stronger reputation and market position are guaranteed by the quality in line with the expectations, by the compliance with the regulations and the effective quality management, we attach great importance to all activities that help to achieve our goals by improving the quality and developing the production culture.

In order to achieve our goal, we operate a documented system according to the IFS and BRC requirements of quality assurance and food safety, and certify that our products are GMO-free.

We have a strictly controlled and approved base of suppliers, and guarantee the traceability of all the incoming lots of raw material in every phase of the production. In order to protect the health of our customers efficiently, and respect their right to get information, the food marking on the labels of the products is clear and understandable, in conformity with the ruling of the regulation, thereby helping customers who want to choose foods and make their diet more consciously.

Why do we offer our products?

Our canned vegetables, that keep their freshness and natural taste, are available to everyone throughout the year. Canned foods can be stored safely even for many years.

Chemical preservatives are not required during their production, as the cans are hermetically sealed, and they also get a preserving heat treatment of 115-130 °C.

Their valuable substances, favourable dietary effect and organoleptic properties justify their constant and regular consumption. They can be incorporated into the modern nutritional diet, and are also recommended for vegetarians.

The use of canned foods ‒ both in households and at customers which require large quantities of them ‒ makes it possible to have a varied diet, and it also shortens the time of preparing the meals.

All of our products are sold in cans free of Bishphenol A (BPA).

The packaging is customer friendly, environment friendly and energy friendly:

  • Customer friendly, because the design of the cans is according to the buyers’ needs.
  • Environment friendly, because the cans are recyclable and may be collected selectively.
  • Energy friendly, because the unopened cans can be kept at room temperature without cooling.

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