Selecting candidates

We are waiting for young and dynamic employees with the right skills and qualifications, who have good skills of communication and are adaptable, so with their work and knowledge they can contribute to the realization of our goal.

How can you apply?

When you apply for the advertised job, in the first step of the process of selection our staff will review your CV. If you do not find the right job among the ones having been advertised, send us your CV to our e-mail address: so that you can take advantage of a vacancy in the future.

The received applications and CVs are first reviewed and evaluated, to what extent they meet the requirements of the advertised jobs.

After this ‒ depending on the advertised jobs ‒ the applicants have to take part in and pass an aptitude test.

Purpose of the aptitude test:

-   checking the physical (medical and health) fitness for the given jobs

-   assessment of personal competencies

The eligible candidates undergo a two-step interview, during which they get detailed information about their job, their responsibilities and their wages, and they may also get acquainted with their future colleagues, supervisors, and the location of the work.

The purpose of the human interview is to assess skills, abilities and personal qualities. At the professional interview the candidates’ professional aptitude is checked in the presence of their would-be supervisors and/or a person with the right of employment.

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We have a strictly controlled and approved base of suppliers, and guarantee the traceability of all the incoming lots in every phase of the production. The commitment of our company is attested by our compliance with audits; we also have the „IFS”, „BRC” and „GMO-free product” certificates.