The products made by our company are sold under trade names of retailers, and with our own brand of a maker.

For many years, the long-term relationship with our trading partners has become more and more important, and now more than 75 % of our products are sold under their trade names.

We provide a full range of services in the field of developing and making products and brands sold under trade names of retailers:
- from having raw materials grown,
- through a special technology of production,
- till the logistics of finished products.
All of these features are combined with the particularly good location of our company in Central Europe and the cost effective production, as a result of which we have been making market leader products for our partners for many years. Our largest customers are large international networks with European ownership, which have many outlets of retail mainly in European countries.

With the wide choice of our products sold under our own brand name, we contribute to the spread of the recent, modern and healthy habits of nutrition.

Our products sold with our own brand embody manufacturing tradition dating back to more than 100 years, and uncompromising quality.
Our branded products are especially popular and sought after in Hungarian and Eastern-European shops and stores.

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We have a strictly controlled and approved base of suppliers, and guarantee the traceability of all the incoming lots in every phase of the production. The commitment of our company is attested by our compliance with audits; we also have the „IFS”, „BRC” and „GMO-free product” certificates.