Agricultural background

As a processing plant, our company puts a great deal of emphasis on the relations with our agricultural partners, as they are the ones who provide us with agricultural raw materials. It is also known that only good quality raw materials can be used to make canned products of a high quality, and therefore, in our view, production itself begins already in the agricultural fields.

It is also known that the natural conditions of Hungary – as the country is in the Carpathian Basin ‒ can be considered very favourable, and it is also true for the cultivation of the vegetables that make up the profile of our company, such as green peas and sweet corn.

In the Southern Great Plain, the quality of the agricultural land is very good, and the rivers Danube and Tisza make irrigation possible. The pieces of equipment required for proper irrigation are also available. Irrigation is possible on more than 80 % of our agricultural lands, and considering green peas this proportion is 100 %.

For growing raw materials, our company provides GMO-free sawing seeds, on the basis of feedback received from the market and our partners. We pay special attention to each variety of sweet corn in terms of taste, colour and sugar content.

Now our company makes the so-called super sweet corn grown, making up almost 95 % of the total lot, which is preferred and needed by the Western European customers. It does not require the addition of beet sugar as it is sweet enough in itself. Regarding green peas, we process 100 % of the so-called small-grain varieties, which countries in the EU want.

The agricultural experts of our company follow the growing of the plants required for our work, from sowing the seeds to the harvest, and at the same time they also give advice to our producers, how to make their work really successful.

Maximum 4 hours elapse from the harvest till processing the agricultural products, as a result of which the minerals and vitamins remain in the plants, so they retain their freshness and nutritional value, which we preserve during the process of canning, as well.


The raw material delivered by trucks is received on the so-called primary lines. Before the actual work of processing begins, the delivered raw material is examined and qualified in a separate, special laboratory, determining how fit it is for processing. On the basis of this examination we decide on which line it should be processed.

There are 5 processing lines for the actual work, so a given product may always be put on the one best suited for the purpose. Sweet corn is canned with vacuuming, while green peas are put in cans by traditional machines, not applying vacuuming. Heat treatment, the basic operation of preservation in the canning industry, is carried out on four OHS (Split Hydrostatic Sterilization) equipment, providing continuous and gentle heat treatment, while maintaining the intrinsic value of the raw material. The heat-treated canned goods are placed on a pallet by a palletizing machine, and are stored on pallets without any labels.

The work of packaging, coding and labelling the products is done separately ‒ regarding time and space ‒ from the activity of processing done in a season. They are put in unit packets, namely on trays, according to the actual requirements of customers.

Production ‒ during a season ‒ is done in three shifts, in many times also utilizing work on weekends. Outside of the season, we perform packing activities in three shifts, in order to deliver large amounts of goods without any problem, quickly, by trucks.

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We have a strictly controlled and approved base of suppliers, and guarantee the traceability of all the incoming lots in every phase of the production. The commitment of our company is attested by our compliance with audits; we also have the „IFS”, „BRC” and „GMO-free product” certificates.