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Kecskeméti Konzerv Kft. is a canning factory mainly in Hungarian ownership. Since 2017 it has been owned by 5 natural persons and 1 German legal entity. Since our establishment in 2005, we have been following the principle of „making quick and professional decisions in order to operate the company effectively and meet the challenges of the market, namely the expectations of our buyers and customers”.

In the field of processing sweet corn, we are among the market leaders in Europe and Hungary, as well.

In our commercial relations we primarily offer products made with our own labels.


The CEO of our company is János Kovács, who also holds the position of the Financial Director, and he is responsible for supervising finance, connections with banks, labour affairs and commercial activities.

The sales and marketing activities of the company are managed by Zoltán Tarcsay, Director of Sales.

Zoltán Benke directs the production of the raw materials needed for the production.

The processing of the raw materials, the packaging required for marketing of the products, and the storage of the materials used for the production are controlled by József Csizmár.

Ildikó Hartyániné Bakos is responsible for the tasks of quality management in connection with the manufactured products and processes of operation.

Our production value is close to HUF 13 billion. The average annual headcount of our company is over 250, which figure is above 400 in the period from June till October.

We are in connection with about 50 agricultural partners who produce 6-7 thousand tons of green peas and 80-85 thousand tons of sweet corn for us, according to our controlled sowing plans, for which work we provide the GMO-free seed to them.

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We have a strictly controlled and approved base of suppliers, and guarantee the traceability of all the incoming lots in every phase of the production. The commitment of our company is attested by our compliance with audits; we also have the „IFS”, „BRC” and „GMO-free product” certificates.